Canva breaks the top 5 on CNBC’s Disruptor 50 list for the best companies changing the world

Australian design giant Canva has made its debut on the annual CNBC Disruptor 50, a list of fast-growing, innovative private startups that leverage cutting-edge technology.

Even more notably, Canva was listed as No. 4, behind Flexport, Brex and Lineage Logistics and ahead of people like Guild Education, Convoy, Stripe, Dapper Labs and, who were all in the top 10.

The 50 companies on the 2022 list have a total valuation of more than $ 552 billion, making it by far the highest valued list in Disruptor 50’s 10-year history.

At least 14 of the companies on the list are worth more than $ 10 billion, including Canva. CNBC said most of the 2022 list consists of companies that have only been given a spot for the first or second time.

“This is a sign of a generational shift in Disruptor 50 to a new group of mission-driven startups born in an era of social and political upheavals among mostly favorable market conditions, but which now faces the possibility of a recession and the potential for a much longer way to the public markets, ”said the media company, which publishes the list

The judges praised Canva, noting that the Canva community is growing to more than 75 million monthly customers worldwide and is available in 100 languages. Last year, Canva acquired two European start-ups, the visual AI platform Kaleido in Austria and the product mockup generator SmartMockups in the Czech Republic.

Last September, the 12-year-old company raised $ 200 million worth $ 40 billion.

“At this rate, this upstart is set to disrupt some traditional big players. Think of the well-established Adobe, which grew up during the dotcom era, offering full-scale design subscriptions and packages,” CNBC said.

“Canva is nimble, and proud to be profitable, and it was in the process of reaching an annual turnover rate of $ 1 billion by the end of 2021. Canva has expanded to 2,500 employees, with 1,350 from last year, including in United States, a base of 100 employees. “

A Canva spokesman said the company was grateful CNBC’s recognition.

“We are excited to continue to innovate and disrupt in the years to come,” they said.

“We have an insanely big goal of giving the whole world the opportunity to design and do the best we can while we’re running. We’re really only 1% of the way there!