Go1 founders back gaming licenses Marketplace Layer in $ 3.9 million metaverse games

Brisbane Licensed Marketplace Layer has raised $ 3,888,888 in Seed financing

The round was led by Carthona Capital, with support from Aura Ventures, TEN13, Flying Fox, Black Sheep Capital, LUXEM, Tribe Ventures and several angels, including Go1 co-founders Chris Eigeland and Vu Tran.

Layers Marketplace connects games with leading rights holders, including Bruce Lee, Narcos, CareBears, MG and Snickers. That enables game developers and publishers to license these features for use in their games.

The cap is used to accelerate its global go to market efforts with hubs in the US and UK, in addition to the company’s development headquarters in Brisbane.

The startup emerged from Startmate last year and took on one pre-seed round led by Common Sense Ventures, which has seen the company raise $ 4.2 million in total.

Co-founder Rachit Moti came up with the idea for Layer after licensing a song from a band he was in for a NASCAR video game soundtrack. He then teamed up with Chris Illuk, after first meeting him in 2014 when they were working on their own first startups. Moti led G01’s new market entry into the US, UK and Asia, while Illuk was previously product manager at Sydney-based geospatial startup Propeller Aero.

Moti, Layers CEO, said licensing IP is paramount to making games attractive to multiple players.

“When you think of NBA2K, which is a fully licensed game, or the way Fortnite collaborates with Marvel movies, it’s clear that these AAA game publishers understand that bringing in characters that people know and love helps to attract players and create more engaging gaming experiences, “he said.

“We want to make it as easy for a small team building a web3.0 racing game to be able to work with Porsche or Ferrari as it is for the major console studios.

“On the other hand, many rights holders are comfortable making licensed apparel and toy deals, but they are not set up to identify opportunities in gaming and the new metavers. Our marketplace brings them together.”

As for the increase figure – Chinese believe that 8 is the luckiest number and associated with wealth and economic success, Moti said: “a little luck can not hurt – and it’s a bit of a tribute to other raises on the web 3.0 site. ”

Carthona Capital Rector Jonathan Chow gaming is considered an important metaverse use case for the next many years due to the immersive and multi-player experience of space at the moment.

“Our view is that for the meta-verse to feel genuine, it must consist of content that people know and can relate to. We have seen many companies try to build new worlds within the meta-verse, and believe that when these worlds are built, they will need to be able to bring pop culture into them, ”he said.

“In a very short period of time, we’ve been impressed with Layer’s ability to expand its platform and collaborate with leading game developers and IP owners.”